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Comprehensive Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Services

Our client experience team works with your organization to understand the involved facilities, staff, credentialing, and surgery coverage needed. Once we have established how your organization works, our onboarding team walks you through RTNA’s surgery scheduling, technology, monitoring, documentation, and billing processes.

We help ensure your organization provides the highest level of neurological patient care.
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Scheduling & Clinical Coordination

Our scheduling and clinical coordination team is the communication hub for daily clinical operations. Through hard work and dedication, they support our clients 24/7/365.

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Clinical Support

RTNA Clinical Support aims to increase quality and reduce variability in neuromonitoring clinical methods and standards by collaborating with RTNA physicians and our IONM partners. Through real time remote and on-site support for troubleshooting, education, and training, the Clinical Support team helps our clients improve IONM quality by developing, promoting, and enforcing expectations.


Real Time Troubleshooting Assistance
Decreased Discrepancies between Technical and Professional Reports
Open Communication
On-site Training and Assistance
Test/Protocol Development
Education/Troubleshooting Handouts
Quarterly Webinars
Quarterly Reviews to Analyze Communication, Data, Clinical Proficiency & Documentation, and Alerts

Licensing & Credentialing

Our licensing and credentialing team works to ensure clients and surgeons have access to the coverage they need. Due to their efforts, RTNA physicians are credentialed in hundreds of hospitals and licensed nationwide, providing coverage in all 50 states, including the District of Columbia & Puerto Rico.


Reporting & Client Services

Our reporting and client services team completes the patient care and client relationship through diligent integration of the technical and professional components of the electronic medical record and our patient centric database. The team continuously reconciles essential patient information and patient medical billing status with each client.

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