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The Real Time Institutional Review Board (RT IRB) oversees the protection of human subjects in research projects conducted by Real Time Neuromonitoring Associates (RTNA), as well as projects submitted by our clients and colleagues. Made up of neurologists specializing in intraoperative neuromonitoring from both within our practice and outside of it, in addition to interested professionals, the RT IRB reviews, approves and monitors submitted research activities to ensure that they adhere to the ethical standards of the Belmont Report, all federal regulations and internal policies. The RT IRB also strives to foster an environment of scientific inquiry both at RTNA and within the larger intraoperative monitoring community by providing guidance, support and education in good research practices.

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Board Members

Megan Alcauskas, MD
Mike Balzer
LaQuita Crutcher
Kiara Ebinger, PhD
Kathryn Elliott, MD, JD
Trey Lee, MD
John Ney, MD
John Parker, MD

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